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Backyard Goldmine, hosted by Ben Sargent who is on a mission to convert other people’s broken sheds, dilapidated barns and dismal outbuildings into rental wonders. Backyard eyesores are transformed into valuable assets as ugly transitions to fabulous. Buildings which once caused embarrassment, become an invaluable source of second income.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “A Mountainside Shed Makeover”
Ben and the crew head to the mountains of Montgomery, Vermont, to check out a ski shed that a family wants to transform into a boutique-style rental for visitors. The team insulates the space for four-season comfort and adds a bathroom, kitchenette and a surprise creation from Ben.

Season 1, Episode 2 – “Renovating A Richmond Shed”
A couple in the storybook village of Richmond, Vermont, want to get Ben and Lee’s thoughts on their run-down storage shed before they tear it down. After clearing out the space, Ben sees an opportunity to transform the space into rustic rental complete with a cozy sleeping loft and vintage kitchen.


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  1. I have the perfect old dairy barn for your show. Its one hour and 15 minutes from New Orleans in a small Mississippi town called Osyka. Lots of history and memories. Retired husband now gets to stay home after 40 years on the road. Have some great ideas for its use. I’m a school teacher and he’s a retired boilermaker. You must come down south….

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